Time It Right™: home automation based on the Jewish Calendar
Time it Right- Shabbos Timing Systems
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Time-It Right is a home automation software package created and developed by Autotime LLC. It is the only home automation software which has full support for the Jewish calendar. Autotime boasts over 15 years of experience catering to the needs of the religious community and has serviced homes, institutions, and synagogues across the US, Canada and Israel. Time-It Right was designed specifically to accommodate the Jewish Orthodox lifestyle, incorporating state-of-the-art home automation amenities with exclusive Shabbos and Yom Tov scheduling. With excellent customer service and frequent releases of feature updates, Autotime is advancing the frontier of fully integrated home automation.

Yaakov Wollner, founder and CEO of Autotime, is also known as the inventor of the “Incredible Shabbos Clock”. An expert in computer and electrical technologies, Wollner has used his skills to create a product to address the unique needs of the frum customer. Time-It Right anticipates the homeowner’s personal convenience while adhering to the highest Halachic standard.

“Time-It Right goes way beyond the traditional Shabbos clock,” explains Wollner. “Because it is based on the Jewish calendar, it contains all of the logic necessary to produce a schedule which accounts for the different schedules required by each Yom Tov, the complex logic of Shabbos and Yom Tov which follow each other or overlap, and your zmanim and personal life style.”




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