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Whole house automation technology controls numerous independent systems using one integrated platform such as a wall-mounted touch screen, PC, or wireless internet device. Cutting down the need for multiple controllers is not only practical but aesthetic as well, eliminating unnecessary wall clutter. The basic components are lighting control, security, cameras, entry control, climate control and multi-media. The system can also control appliances, automated shades, lawn sprinklers, fire places and much more.

Using whole house automation, the systems can interact with each, other allowing you to create scenes that can execute numerous commands with a single touch. Each system can be represented on a customized floor plan of your house allowing you to immediately view the status of and make changes to each of the systems throughout your house. Your system is custom-built to include the features that are important to you.

The following is a list of some practical applications of the system that can provide great convenience.

  • Set your house into NIGHT mode from your bedroom to activate security, shut off main floor lights, music, and set back temperatures to a minimum, while simultaneously adjusting bedrooms to a comfort temperature.

  • When the doorbell rings, you can view and communicate with the visitor, as well as grant entry, without having to step out of the room.

  • Adjust your AC and check the status of your alarm or zones anywhere in the world.

  • When your child returns from school and enters his unique entry code, you can be notified by email alerting you that your child is safely home.

  • Check on your sleeping baby in a different room and even choose a lullaby to play without stepping out of bed.

  • Entertain guests on a professional level, coordinating lighting levels with music tones for any room in your house.

  • Activate POOL mode to turn on pool heating, disarm security, and trigger path lights and pool lights.

  • Before leaving, click on AWAY mode to arm security, shut off lights, audio, and AC.

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