Time it Right- Shabbos Timing Systems
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Time It Right™’s user friendly design accommodates the needs of all users, so that even someone who is not computer savvy can use the software, absolutely hassle-free.

Want to check your oven schedule before a three day Rosh Hashana? Just click onto your schedule viewer button and click on the Rosh Hashana icon, and the schedule will display.
Same goes for hosting your special Shabbos guests- Guest Mode takes care of the lighting and climate control in your guest suites, extends the dining room lighting schedule, and blinks your lights to remind you to count Sefira, which makes for interesting conversation!

These are just a few examples of the many convenient functions included in Time It Right™.

Time It Right™ can be accessed from your home computer, touch screen, tablet, iPad, or from any remote device via the Internet. Easy access to your system is very useful to make changes on the spot, whether you’re being invited out for a meal or staying late by a neighbor’s simcha and don't need your lights on at home, making a change can be done quickly and efficiently.

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